Natalia Music
composer pianist arranger


Music and Activities



In 1983 the Director of the musicians syndicate, entered into discussion on developing a new musical sensation. Natalia was given carte blanche and soon created the concept of the first all-female modern music band in the USSR. The band consisted of 6 musicians and Natalia was the Music Director.


Natalia’s extensive repertoire found a sensational outlet as the band soon became very popular. The style was fresh, crisp, punchy and reflected the confident mood of Ukraine’s revived aspirations for independence.


In 1989 a crucial event in modern Ukrainian music, the Chervona Ruta Music Festival took place in Chernivtsi. This music festival celebrated the musical genius Volodymyr Ivasiuk. Malvy took 3rd prize. Their hit song “De ty” (Where are you) became a number one hit!


Natalia in Canada

Since settling in Canada in 1990, Natalia sought to leverage her incredible talent. Her efforts soon brought about the Roksana Trio, Dzerelo Band & the Group Mria.


Each of these popular musical ventures entertained at a kaleidoscope of events, concerts, voluntary & paid performances & community festivals. Intertwined with this was an abundance of Natalia’s solo appearances.


Since 1995, Natalia has been the accompanist for the County Town Singers of Whitby – a popular choir that has toured concert halls of Canada, USA & Europe, truly representing Canadian diversity.


As Natalia’s efficacy in jazz music grew, she joined the Brian Rose Little Big Band playing in night club entertainment venues. Natalia was also part of the Big Band Orpheus until 2009.


Her recent collaboration with singers Deidrey Francois and Emilio Zarris resulted in wonderful public response. Indeed Deidrey Francois’s first CD “Spirit in Bloom” is enjoying North American success & offers several of Natalia’s musical arrangements.


Colors Duo

Deidrey Francois & Natalia formed their duet in 2006 exploring various contemporary musical styles. Natalia’s musical arrangements of several Ukrainian modern songs are easily infused by Deidrey sultry vocal interpretations.


The result is a deliciously smooth jazz pathos that has been very well received by diverse audiences & has been featured at Ukrainian events & festivals, senior citizens homes & nightclubs.