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Natalia Music

Natalia Kolacz - Koulinich




Natalia Kolacz-Koulinich’s musical voyage

began very early indeed. Natalia was born in

Lviv, Ukraine. At age of 4 she was identified

by the Ukrainian State academic system as a

young musical prodigy. She was selected to

attend the S. Krushelnytska Academy with

other gifted children from across Ukraine.


Natalia organized her first music ensemble at age 11.

She began to absorb the musical brilliance of Volodymyr Ivasiuk and the novelty of Western music that was to later cast influence on her creativity.


In 1981 while enrolled at the State Conservatory Mykola Lysenko in Lviv, Natalia started her second music ensemble sponsored by local industry. She also obtained her first paid job as a performer. Her love for modern music styles was by now fully ensconced. Natalia graduated from the Lviv State Conservatory with a bachelors degree in music, majoring in piano.


Natalia began her career at age 17 touring with various professional singers and musicians some who have later become the musical pop stars of Ukraine today.


In 1983 she created the music band "Malvy"; an all-female band that played various popular tunes many of which were Natalia’s own compositions and arrangements. Malvy subsequently enjoyed many concerts/performances. Malvy were featured at the historical Chervona Ruta Music Festival in 1989 where they garnered third prize.


Arriving in Canada in 1990, Natalia continued her music. She played various venues including community events, concerts, festivals and night club venues with the Brian Rose Little Big Band & the Big Band Orpheus playing jazz. Natalia is also the principal accompanist for the County Town Singers and a featured jazz pianist for the Big Band Orpheus. She also played piano in several musical theatre productions including "Christmas Carol" and West Side Story".


She has also contributed her organizational capabilities and musical talents for the Ihor Bilozir Commemorative Concert of 2006 & the Volodymyr Ivasiuk Memorial Concert in 2009. She has been featured at the last 2 Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations and most recently garnered ovations at the Toronto Bloor Street Festival 2010.


Today Natalia continues to amass success and respect from her peers. Natalia’s talents & musical creativities are continuously growing and very much on the move.