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Natalia Music


CD album release


" On the Move "


Release date:  October 17,  2010





































Natalia’s creativity, passion and rich musical heritage are “On the Move”. Natalia’s much anticipated CD album showcases, a collection of her finest musical accomplishments to date.


For several years now, Natalia has received an enthusiastic response to her various performances. Her music is admired by her community of fans and has received an excellent response from mainstream Canadian audiences.


“My soul yearns to bring my creations to the hearts of every generation”


Natalia’s music targets the smooth jazz listening audience. Her arrangements are infused with lyrics of hope whilst instilling a nostalgic luster. Other songs are upbeat, energetic & replenish the soul. Throughout the album Natalia skillfully fuses traditional song progressions with modern styling.


“I want the global community to experience the rich heritage of Ukrainian music in a style that is easy to assimilate”


Lyrics have been written especially for Natalia by Anna Kanich of Ukraine and Anatoly Zitkevich of Canada. These poets/ lyricist have received many awards for their brilliant writings. A few lyrics have been translated into English.


Natalia’s passion for jazz interpretation inspired her to create new music and reinvent some of her previous hit songs. The music is a rich compilation of jazz variations, bossa novas, rhythmic fusion and modern popular tunes.


“This project has become even more exciting than even I had anticipated!”


Natalia feels very fortunate to have enlisted the virtuosity of some of the very best and well known international and Ukrainian national musicians. They include Andrij Lesiuk on guitar, Sashko Boychouk on saxophone and Vasyl Popadiuk on violin.


In addition, long time friend & jazz vocalist Deidrey Francois will join Natalia to sing their most popular duets creations.

Natalia is a successful & experienced composer, arranger & pianist. She possesses the gift to create beautiful melodies, develops lyrics and render complete arrangements. Her skills as a recording artist assure the best and highest quality studio production.


“I am truly excited to see this project completed and hope it will entertain and delight all music lovers!”